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 It has been my privilege to have served as your State Committeewoman for the last four years.  In that time, we have been able to grow our local party and learn many exciting things about the legislative process as well as our local government. Our REC has managed to change the face of the political process in Suwannee County with a super majority on the county commission, a new State Attorney, a new Congressman, as well as holding the seats of our State Representative and State Senator.  This was achieved by all of the hard work and dedication to our local party, but first and foremost because of a love of country and its principles.

Although I do realize we have a large task ahead of us, I do believe through prayer, dedication and education on the issues, we will persevere.  I look forward to serving as the Chairman of the Suwannee County R.E.C. and ask that you keep me in your prayers as we all forge ahead in our endeavor to restore our great nation.
Sherri Ortega


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Latest News & Blog Entries
April Meeting News

Our monthly REC meeting this Thursday, April 3rd.  I especially need an outstanding attendance at this meeting, as we need to conduct a very important vote.  In order to be able to accomplish this we need a quorum present, as you know.  I am hoping to have all our Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen in attendance.

We will also have three candidates who will be speaking at our meeting this week.  A City of Live Oak Mayoral candidate, Tasha Cockburn, a second candidate for the City Clerk position, John Gill, and a Suwannee County Sheriff candidate, Halford Harris.  The City elections will take place in May, so this is the last chance to hear any of our candidates speak before that election. 
It is important to listen to what these candidates have to say even if you do not live in the City of Live Oak.  Many times local candidates go on to run for higher offices. Plus, anything that goes on in the city affects most of us at some time in our lives, whether it is for shopping, paying our county taxes. getting to the courthouse or at the very least most of us have to take at least one road through the city in order to get out of the county.  Hearing what plans a candidate has to better this fine city is important as we should all be able to take pride when entering an area in which we must do business. What a great way to get a feel for a candidate and monitor their success along their own political trail then to get there before they take their first steps! 


Governor Scott’s Work This Week
       In just under 8 months we will be voting to re-elect Governor Rick Scott. Session in Tallahassee is entering it's second week and as we get deeper into session, there will be a lot of information coming out of Tallahassee. I will be doing my best to keep everyone informed as to what Governor Scott and the Legislature is doing.
Governor Scott’s Work This Week
·         In Tampa last Wednesday, Governor Scott announced state funding of $194 million that will help create the Tampa Gateway Center at Tampa International Airport (TIA). Construction of the APM and Gateway Center will generate approximately 7,141 jobs.
·         Last Wednesday, Governor Scott joined the multi-state federal litigation currently pending in the Eastern District of Louisiana involving the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The suit against BP and others was filed today by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in Panama City. 
·         During the meeting of the Florida Cabinet last Thursday, Governor Scott recognized five outstanding educators for their contributions to learning with the Governor’s Shine Awards.
Senator Rubio Mobile Office





Despite tremendous pressure from leadership and Common Core proponents, Senator Greg Evers (R-Pensacola) is courageously considering becoming the Senate sponsor for HB 25 by Rep. Debbie Mayfield (R- Indian River).  This bill would halt implementation of Common Core, at least until a number of criteria that have not yet occurred are met. However, he has some doubts as to whether this bill is still needed after the changes made by the state board of education on the February 18th.

Read all information here including the contact information for Senator Evers.

Rubio Delivers Floor Speech On Crisis In Venezuela

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