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It has been and continues to be an honor to serve as your Chairman of the Republican Party of Suwannee County.   We revitalized our local party in January 2009 and have been making our presence known ever since.  Since 2009, we have been able to grow our local party and learn many exciting things about the legislative process as well as our local government. Our REC has managed to change the face of the political process in Federal, State and Local Governent.  In Suwannee County, Republicans now enjoy a majority on the County Commission, and now have a Republican State Attorney, Congressman, U.S. Senator, Governor and his Cabinet Members, as well as holding the seats of our State Representative and State Senator – all held by hard working Republicans.  This was achieved by all of the hard work and dedication of our local party who possess a deep love of country, its principles and a devotion to preserving our Constitution.
I hope to see 2015 become a year of growth for the Suwannee GOP, as we analyze the things that have proven to be successful and tweak the things that could use a little improvement.  We hope that we will be able to flip our county Voter Registration to make us a Red County.  Most people in Suwannee County do not even realize that they are truly Republican, as they have been voting Republican for years.  My challenge to all Suwannee Countians is to check out the platforms for all of the major political parties and see which one best represents you, as a voter.
Next, make sure to either go register to vote under that party affiliation or if you are already registered to vote, make sure you are voting the way your party affiliation represents you as voting.

Although we enjoyed a landslide victory in 2014, we are not even close to weeding out the rot we are dealing with right now.  I do realize we have a large task ahead of us, but I still do believe through prayer, dedication and education on the issues, we will persevere.  I look forward to serving another term as Chairman of the Suwannee County R.E.C. and ask that you keep me in your prayers as we all forge ahead in our endeavor to restore our great nation.
Sherri Ortega


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Latest News & Blog Entries
Florida Legislature to concealed weapons permit on campus

Please read this article highlighting initial movement leading up to the Florida legislative session to permit students to carry guns on campus who have a concealed weapons permit. This is a reaction to the recent FSU shooting, as well as the persistent sexual assaults on campuses nationwide. The article present good information and data, as well as insight from Rep. Baxley, who will be seeking your vote for the State Senate in the upcoming election. Read complete article here

Governor Scott and Republican Cabinet

Hopefully by now you are all aware that Governor Scott and our Republican Cabinet have been sworn in to serve the great State of Florida for the next four years. Also as exciting, both the House and Senate of Congress are now controlled by a Republican majority. The official beginning of the Legislative Session of 2015 begins March 3, 2015.  Keeping an eye on the bills that are coming up or in committee is essential to informing yourself and ultimately promoting accountability of the elected officials.  We had a very successful campaign season in 2014, but our job is far from over.  It is important that our elected officials hear from us.  They cannot represent a silent majority.  

You may be asking, “When do we start working the 2016 election?” The answer is now, TODA!.  Pay close attention to each and every person that you hear that “may be running” for office.  From the President to the local elected offices, our goal will be to elect Republicans. Make no mistake, it will take hard work, commitment, fundraising, sign-waving, phone-calling and many other campaign efforts to be successful. The work begins now.

Momentum builds in Congress for raising the federal gas tax

Read the latest on the efforts in Congress to increase the federal gas tax click here





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This is a report of how many people have voted in the 2014 General Election as of
November 1.  I am thrilled that almost 75% of the Republican absentee ballots have
been returned.  I am praying anyone who has not already put their absentee ballot
in the mail, will consider hand delivering it to the Supervisor of Elections Department
on Pine Avenue (across from the Tax Collector’s office).  Also, if you think you may
have NOT signed your absentee ballot you may want to double check with the Elections
Dept., as ballots which are NOT signed will NOT be counted. 

We have already had over 23% of our fellow Republicans show up and vote during
Early Voting.  Thank you for being so engaged in the future of our state and ultimately
our country.

From RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

Election Day is only 33 days away, and early voting has begun in some states. Many have labeled this midterm election a referendum on the policies of President Obama. In many ways it is. And if you asked the country, most people would say they know our party opposes many of those policies.  We oppose them because we know there’s a better way. Republicans have new ideas to solve the country’s problems...bottom-up solutions founded in the free market, compassion, responsibility, and the idea that America is headed for better days.  So before November, I wanted to take a moment, cut through the noise, and talk about what’s driving the Republican Party.

People know what we’re against.  I want to talk about the things we’re for.  Our overarching vision is a country that offers equal opportunity for everyone.  In pursuit of that vision, our party’s three core values have long been a strong economy, a strong society, and a strong defense. The Principles for American Renewal, which I’m outlining today, fit into those three
categories. They represent ideas from across our party.  These 11 principles unite us as a party and inform our policymaking, whether you’re running for governor in New England or Congressman in the South or state house in the West.  These principles cover 11 vital topics: jobs, spending, healthcare, our veterans, national security, education, poverty, values, energy, and immigration.  But the first principle is about the Constitution.


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